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container-blkAXCESS Box Mobile Storage is a fast growing mobile storage company involved in the sale and rental of new and used steel storage containers for the retail market. With the recent introduction of its ‘rent-to-own’ program, AXCESS BOX now provides in-house financing for new and used container purchases.

Our storage containers are great for use as an “on-site” form of secured storage. All new containers we have come directly from the manufacturer overseas while our used containers comes from various steamship lines. AXCESS BOX serves the entire Greater Vancouver area as well as the Fraser Valley.

Through our network of trucking companies we also serve the rest of BC, and Western Canada. We offer a variety of storage container sizes .  The shipping containers are wind and water tight containers to suit the needs of the our clients.

Axcess Box prides itself on quality and speed of service to customers. If you have questions, please contact Axcess Box Mobile Storage and we’ll be happy to help you find the storage solution for you. Feel free to book an appointment to meet with us at our location: 30310 Old Yale Road, Abbotsford, BC.

Strategic Vision: To be the first choice for mobile storage products/services in each market we serve our clients in allowing them to rest easy and know that everything will be safe when they leave

Business Purpose: We advise and educate our mobile storage clients, giving them the information they need to obtain the right type and amount of storage space….and we strive to make their buying decision easy and quick It’s easy to understand why AXCESS BOX is the ideal solution for secured mobile storage. Axcess Box Mobile Storage is a subsidiary company of West Fraser Valley Cedars Ltd.

Learn about our products. We offer:

These can all be used for storage container offices on your work site, document storage, inventory storage, and mobile storage bins that are secure and weather proof.



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