Access Box Shipping Containers and PODS: What makes them different?


Access Box Shipping Containers and PODS:

Whether you’re on the move or simply need more storage space, you’re going to need a storage solution. PODS units and shipping containers are the two most common storage options. Not sure which option to go with? To help you make the most informed choice for your portable storage or moving needs, we help break down the differences between PODS and our storage containers.

Comparing Both Options: The Basics

PODS services include delivering a storage unit to your home, loading it, and keeping it on site for a specified time, or loading it and taking it to one of their off-site facilities. The units are made with aluminum skins over steel frames and are considered to be “weatherproof.” Roll-up doors made of lightweight steel provide access to the units. They are only available in three sizes: 7′, 12′, and 16′. There is no possibility of purchasing.

We provide people with an array of storage options, both on-site and off-site, with our shipping containers. The containers are made of sturdy Corten steel, with a locking cargo door at one end of the unit. Watertight and vandal-proof, these structures are equipped with lockboxes for enhanced security. Axcess Box containers come in 8′, 10′, 20′, and 40′ sizes. You can easily customize containers to any length you need. Many custom modifications are possible to your container, including installing lightweight steel roll-up doors.

Our Containers Vs. PODS: Short-Term Residential Storage

Are you moving or renovating your home? If so, portable storage is a must. While the roll-up doors make PODS a popular choice, our shipping containers provide a more affordable, versatile solution for residential storage. Deliveries are typically made with tilt-bed trucks, which can drop off containers at driveways, curbsides, or in yards.

When moving or remodeling a house, short term storage is needed near the property for convenience. Usually PODS or shipping containers are dropped in the driveway or along the street where the storage units will be visible. The security of the storage unit thus becomes very important. Axcess Box containers are known for their strength and mobility, making them the ideal choices for mobile and stationary applications. Your belongings will not only be safe from criminals, but also well protected from the elements.

Our Containers Vs. PODS: Long-Term Residential Storage

residential Vancouver Mobile-Storage-Shipping Containers

You may find that your short-term project has turned into an ongoing project, or that your plans for a large renovation have expanded your on-site storage needs. There’s no doubt about it – we offer a better portable storage solution that is cost-effective and customizable.

Shipping containers are large enough to store items from an entire house, or belongings from several homes. There may be circumstances when goods would need to be stored for 5, 10, or even 20 years or longer. In that case, you’ll need to buy a portable storage container. A shipping container makes for a great long-term storage option for residential use. It can be fitted with vents, doors, and even skylights! You can modify shipping containers almost any way you want, including adding insulation and electrical installation. The possibilities are endless.

When choosing between PODS units and shipping containers, it may come down to personal preference. With that in mind, our shipping container solutions ensure that your belongings are stored with the highest level of care and security. The versatility and protection provided by shipping containers make them perfect for a multitude of uses.

Moving a business, changing residences, or remodeling a home will all require storage. A PODS portable storage company might spring to mind, but after a bit more thought, you might find that shipping container providers can serve your needs better. A shipping container is a durable, multipurpose, and affordable solution for your all your storage needs. Whenever you need an extra secure space, Axcess Box is the way to go.

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