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Advantages of Using Rent-To-Own Storage Containers for Farming

It might be winter out there, but that doesn’t matter much to all those Lower Mainland foodies out there. They still expect fresh, uber hip, local food all year long. And as the demands for local produce continues to climb, the indoor farming movement has never been more popular (and necessary).

A rising star in the indoor farming scene, the mild-mannered shipping container has been used for a ton of super repurposing solutions, from houses and shops to cafés, playgrounds, and even swimming pools. Now, these handy rent-to-own storage solutions are being transformed into state-of-the-art mobile farms. Here’s why:

Marvellously mobile rent-to-own storage containers

When it comes to produce, fresh is best. With rent-to-own storage containers, you can set up shop, anywhere, any time of the year.
Having your farming container close to the nearest market or popular restaurant hub will not only allow you to provide the freshest produce but also save you a ton on transportation costs.


Water conservation with rent-to-own shipping containers

Fresh, delicious produce needs water—a lot of it! Mother nature can’t always be counted on to deliver the goods. But in a controlled environment, you can make the most out of your H2O requirements, saving you water and money.

Because you’ll be growing produce in a close-loop system, you can conserve even more water then with traditional vertical farm systems, like hydroponics and aeroponics.


Rent-to-own storage containers provide year-round growing

Growing produce in a controlled environment allows you to farm all year long. Just think about it. You will no longer be a slave to the weather. Droughts, floods, and freezing temperatures won’t faze your farming business in the slightest, letting you plant and harvest 365 days a year.


Rent-to-own storage containers are eco-friendly

Starting up a farm can take up a lot of space—space that needs to be cleared before it can be used. With a shipping container, you can run your farm virtually anywhere. Even an empty parking lot can make a great space for your high-tech mobile farm. And without major transportation requirements, you’ll also go a long way to cutting down harmful emissions.

Thinking about setting up your very own shipping container farm? At Axcess Box Storage, we can turn your dreams of owning an indoor farm into a reality. We have a wide selection of rent-to-own storage containers, providing a fast and easy way to start your business right away.

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