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Owning or Renting Shipping Containers – Which Works Best For You?

Long-Term Storage Solutions for your Home or Business.

Is Owning or Renting Better when it comes to Shipping Containers?

Long-term storage is increasingly important for many people and businesses. Individuals might acquire more goods than they can accommodate, and businesses often require flexible and secure storage options or need to store some products or equipment seasonally.

One solution growing in popularity is using shipping containers as versatile storage units.

Shipping containers are designed to transport goods over vast distances, today however, many of them find a new life as cost-effective, durable, and highly flexible storage units.

The Financial Aspect: Buying Vs Renting

Once you decide a shipping container is perfect for your needs, one of the primary considerations becomes whether to rent or to buy. Making a wise decision involves assessing aspects such as initial costs, long-term expenses, resale value, and more.

Choosing to buy a shipping container has several financial advantages over long-term renting. The initial investment outlay may be a consideration, but owning the container will provide long-term savings. Renting a storage unit involves monthly an expense that, over time, can add up to a significant amount, while owning a container is a one-time purchase. The longer you need your container, the more you save.

Another consideration is the resale value of the containers. Given their durability, shipping containers normally retain their value quite well. Once you no longer need the storage unit, you can resell it on the open market, making back most of the money you invested, if not all. With renting, all the money you have invested goes to back the owner of the container.

The decision to buy or rent a shipping container will also have tax and accounting implications which may matter depending on your situation.  To fully understand the tax advantages that may be available, you should seek the advice of a tax professional, as there may be variances based on individual circumstances or location. Additionally, you may be able to seek deductions for the maintenance, refurbishment, or transportation of the container, all of which can reduce the overall cost of ownership.

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to own or rent a shipping container.  We have tried to outline some of the most important factors.

Flexibility and Control When Owning a Storage Container

The flexibility and control of owning a container is evident in multiple ways:

  • Customization Options

When you own your shipping container you have the freedom to customize it as you see fit, adapting it to your particular needs. Paint it, add your logo, install shelves for better organization, add partitions or any other modifications you desire. Owning it allows you to match the storage requirements to your business perfectly.

  • Relocation Convenience

Shipping containers are created to be transported and you can take advantage of that. You’re not tied to a specific location, so you could outfit the container to serve as a mobile office, or tool and supply shed, relocating to job sites as needed. It could also used as a pop-up shop or restaurant, creating greater visibility for your brand and putting you in close contact with your customers.

Even if just using it for storage, it can be placed or moved anywhere on your premises. Owing your own container means easy to access -as opposed to driving to a distant warehouse whenever you need a stored item or document.

If you or your business needs require relocation, your shipping container easily accompanies you.

  • No Rental Considerations

While some rentals offer a bit of leeway, you are still bound by the terms of the rental contract, and these may include certain restrictions on modification, usage, and accessibility. When you purchase your shipping container, you eliminate these concerns. You have full control over when and how you wish to use the container as well as access your storage space. By owning your container your stored goods are available at any time, and not restricted to the rental companies’ operational hours.

The flexibility and control that comes from owning your shipping container makes it the only good option when you need unrestricted access to your stored property.

Rent To Own Shipping Containers – The best of both worlds?

For some clients, the Axcess Box “Rent To Own” Storage container option offers both the flexibility that they need, reduces the need for a large capital outlay, reduces uncertainty, and builds their equity over the long term.  Gain cash flow and flexibility.   The team at Axcess Box would be happy to discuss your options and whether Owning or Renting works best for you and your home or business.

Contact Axcess Box Today or Request A Shipping Container Quote.

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Long-Term Storage Solutions: Why Renting a Shipping Container Makes Sense

When looking for long-term storage solutions, the first thought for many people is of renting warehouse space, but this is not the only option. If you are moving, seeking storage for excess business inventory, or simply decluttering your home, finding the right storage space is imperative. In recent years, many have turned to renting a shipping container.  So what advantages does this offer?

Here are some of the benefits of renting a shipping container:

  • Convenience

Renting a shipping container for long-term storage is among the most convenient storage solutions. Why drive out to a warehouse every time you need to access the items you have in storage when you can have the storage brought to you, saving time, effort, and money? Renting a shipping container that can be located where it is most convenient for you provides the ultimate in easy access storage. Shipping container rentals also offer several options, providing you with the flexibility to meet all your needs now and in the future.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Renting a shipping container is one of the most cost-effective storage options, especially compared to traditional storage. Shipping containers will typically offer more affordable rates than self-storage options, making them an excellent choice for those on a tight budget, or anyone else who is looking to save money. You won’t have to worry about any hidden additional costs that you might encounter with a warehouse rental, such as building maintenance fees.

  • Security Features

Shipping containers contain a host of security features designed to keep your stored items secure. Advanced storage container locking systems can deter those seeking unauthorized entry. Keypads, lock boxes, and latch guards all serve to protect your property in reliable containers built with durability in mind. Whatever you choose to store in your shipping container is kept safe and secure.

  • Customization Options

When you rent a portable shipping container from Axcess Box for long-term storage, you have several options available to you, allowing you to customize your storage to your needs. Not only can you choose the container size, but you can also adjust the layout, add shelving if necessary, or make use of climate control. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach at Axcess Box, but rather a customizable container that fits your particular needs.

  • Versatility and Adaptability

Shipping containers are remarkably versatile and can accommodate a wide range of storage needs. Whether you are storing furniture, business equipment, personal items, or virtually anything else, a shipping container can handle it. Containers can be modified many different ways, making them highly adaptable.

  • Durability and Weather Resistance

Shipping containers are known for their resistance to damage. Built from durable steel, they are designed to endure some of the harshest conditions during international travel, withstanding high winds and heavy rains with ease. Fire-resistant and shielded against pests, they are also less prone to mould and mildew development, making them perfect for secure, long-term storage.

  • Scalability

No one wants to pay for things they don’t need. Multiple sizes allow you to choose the amount of storage you need, while also allowing for scalability as your needs change. Replacing your storage unit with a larger or smaller one means that you will always have the perfect storage space.

  • Maintenance and Support

While shipping containers are incredibly durable, they do require some maintenance to keep them in perfect condition. At Axcess Box, long-term storage customers have maintenance and support services available so that your container rental remains hassle-free, offering you greater peace of mind.

Axcess Box Shipping Containers for All Your Storage Needs

With several advantages over traditional storage services, renting a shipping container is the preferred choice for long-term storage. For more information about Axcess Box long-term storage services, contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Get A Quote From Axcess Box Today or call & discuss your storage needs & options.

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