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Why Shipping Containers for Sale in Langley Make Great Garages

Garages. All of us want one. Even if you don’t own a vehicle, these handy storage solutions sure can come in handy when you need some extra space. Unfortunately, for many folks, the only way to own a garage is to purchase some property that comes with one. Well, that’s all about to change. If you’ve ever dreamt about owning your very own, now you can with shipping containers for sale in Langley.

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Shipping container, Shipping Containers for sale, Shipping containers for sale BC

Why Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Burnaby is A Great Choice

You’ve done your homework, you’ve weighed out all the options, and you’ve finally reached a decision—a shipping container is the perfect fit to meet your storage needs. Now, all that’s left to do is to figure out if you want a new or used one. If you are on the fence about which container to go with, here are the top reasons why many people buy used shipping containers for sale in Burnaby.

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5 Reasons Why Shipping Containers in Kamloops are Vital for Starting up a Business Storage.

Self-storage businesses are popping up all over the place—and for a ton of good reasons. Whether it’s for trading online, selling products, downsizing property, or storing items people no longer regularly use, there are a lot of great storage operation opportunities. But with less and less storage space available, shipping containers in Kamloops are quickly becoming an attractive option for many entrepreneurs.

Setting up a storage facility? Here are 5 reasons why shipping containers are an important part of any successful business storage strategy.


Don’t want all the hassles, high costs, and limitations that come with construction? Shipping containers provide the flexibility you need at the price you love, allowing you to squeeze every penny from your land. You will not only be able to place and move containers on any area of the property, but also fully maximize your space by stacking them.

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Low Investment and Maintenance

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to stretch every dollar. Shipping containers in Kamloops are the perfect cost-saving solution for any self-storage business.

Unlike traditional storage buildings, you won’t have to shell out on huge upfront investments. And the best part, shipping containers are easy to maintain, freeing up more time for you to focus on what really matters—running your business.  

Modifications made easy

No two storage needs are the same. With shipping containers in Kamloops, you can completely customize them to meet the storage demands of all your customers. Add shelving, partitions walls, personal door access, and lighting to your container—whatever you can dream up to make the storing process easier and more efficient.    


Secure storage is always a top concern for customers. Issues like pests, harsh weather conditions, and natural disasters can jeopardize their items and put you out of business.

Storage containers are built to last, made with super strong corten steel. Plus, they also come equipped with a sturdy lock box feature. Thanks to storage containers in Kamloops, your customers (and you) can sleep well at night knowing their stuff is safe and sound.  


When you’re starting out, it can be a challenge to calculate the exact storage needs of your customers. Renting or purchasing too much (or too little, for that matter) space can eat up resources, costing you time and money.

By using storage containers, you can simply add storage space when you need it and downsize when you don’t. If you want to keep capital expenditures down, shipping containers in Kamloops will help you do just that.

Thinking about starting your very own self-storage business? With so many great reasons to use shipping containers, you’ll wonder why you haven’t jumped on a storage operation opportunity sooner.  

For shipping containers in Kamloops, contact AXCESS BOX today!

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Modern Shipping Container Office
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Advantages of Using Shipping Container Offices

Is your business growing? Starting your own company? Then, you’ve undoubtedly got office space on your mind. But with the high costs of real estate, and that increasingly hectic work schedule, quality work spaces can be tough to find. Well, all that’s about to change. Shipping container offices are one of the latest architectural trends that are turning heads for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Here’s why…

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What Are Amazing Uses For Shipping Containers for sale BC?

Think shipping containers are only used to transport goods? Think again. Once upon a time, the idea of using huge metal boxes for anything other than shipping was unimaginable. But today, their
popularity is skyrocketing. Thanks to some creative thinking, these awesome steel enclosures are used for a wide variety of purposes, from commercial to residential and beyond. Here are just some of amazing things uses for shipping containers for sale BC!

Home Additions

Are you planning on adding a new room to your house? Shipping containers make ideal candidates for all kinds of home add-on possibilities. Just think about it…you can finally have that man cave,
she-den, studio, or home theatre you’ve always dreamt about without all that noise, dust, and high cost that comes with renovations. Shipping containers are not only a quick and easy solution to home add-ons, they are also extremely affordable.

Offices can be built from used sea cans for sale

Shipping containers make great offices. Whether you’re working from home or looking for a temporary office, these containers can easily be converted into the perfect workspace. And the best part, you don’t even need to make any modifications. All you need is some lighting and your office supplies to quickly transform your container into a fully-
functional office.

Commercial storage is perfect from used shipping containers BC!

Whether it’s construction, retail, or industrial, running out of storage space is a common concern for most businesses. Fortunately, shipping containers solve that problem almost instantly. Inventory, equipment, supplies, tools, documents, you name it—these sturdy and safe steel enclosures offer the perfect solution for all your onsite or offsite storage needs.

Own more cars than you have the space for? Or maybe you don’t even have garage. Shipping containers were made for storing vehicles. After all, they’re used to ship cars all over the world, so you
know they can handle whatever you put in them. Shipping containers are fantastic for storing all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles,
snowmobiles, ATV’s, and scooters, not to mention your precious hotrod.

Garden sheds are useful from reusing shipping containers for sale BC

Tired of staring at that poor excuse for a shed in the backyard? Maybe it’s time to upgrade it with a clean, long-lasting shipping container. You’ll have something a heck of a lot sturdier than wood, meaning you won’t have to worry about rot or mold. Brilliant for storing patio furniture, BBQs, lawn mowers, and garden tools and supplies,
shipping containers also make excellent weather-proof garden rooms for all your potting projects.

Axcess Box Mobile Storage provides storage containers for sale in BC in cities like:

Who knew these massive metal boxes could be so versatile? When it comes to the use of shipping containers, the sky’s the limit. Have a shipping container project in mind? Contact Axcess Mobile Box today!

4 easy home improvements ideas

Home Improvement Ideas that make real results

Tip #1- Declutter

Professional Abbotsford real estate agent, Kristy Dusdal, offers her best easy home improvement idea that you can implement today. Declutter, declutter, declutter!

We generally like to collect our memories in valuables that are tangible. If you find though that your closet is not useful any longer for storing your golf clubs, bike, or storage boxes then this is a good sign that it is time to declutter you home. Your not alone,  you can return your closet to its original use of storing your clothing and smaller items.

We all have many interests.  Most include bulky sports equipment or hobby materials that are hard to store. When you declutter, you will be overcome by a calming feeling and you will decrease the tripping hazards in your home. When you rent a mobile storage unit to hold your bulky hard to store items like; the Christmas tree, seasonal decorations, and sports equipment it will free up your living area for more important things like entertaining.

Buying a used storage container is a good idea if you have a place on your property to store it.  Owning you own storage container allows for easy access to your belongings, decreases the opportunity for theft of your valuables, and presents as an organized container to guests that see it on your home.

Tip #2-  Clean out your gutters

Cleaning out your gutters can be a chore but the consequences of having backed-up gutters can be enormous. Problems arise from a broken gutter system or trapped debris cause water to back up and not properly flow away from your house.  Backed-up water from your clogged gutters can cause unnatural water pooling on your roof.  This can result to water leaks into cracked or broken roof shingles and water damage into the interior of your home.  The other problem that can stem from blocked or broken gutter system is that water may pool at the foundation of your home which could result in basement flooding or decay of your foundation states Landmark Roofing.

Another serious problem that can stem from blocked or broken gutter systems is that water may pool at the foundation of your home.  This can result in basement flooding or decay of your foundation.  Gutters need to be clean for controlled water flow away from your home.  To help prevent this from happening, just choose a couple of sunny days in the year to clear out your gutters and you will be actively conserving the integrity of your roof and home.

Tip #3- Easy landscaping ideas

Cedar hedges can disguise old broken down fencings, decrease the noise pollution from a busy street, and add privacy from neighbours.  Cedar hedges and cedar trees make terrific borders and offer a relatively inexpensive way to transform your yard.  Plants and trees portray a grand impressive to your guests that visit your property.

Fraser Valley Cedars can offer you appealing cedar hedging ideas that can transform a run down plain yard into an appealing functional border.  The added bonus will be the soft aroma of cedar that calms the mind and spirit.