Why Buy A Shipping Container Home?

Wood, bricks, and cement. These are the more traditional construction materials most of us think of when it comes to housing. But what if we were to tell you that’s all about to change? Sooner than later, metal will be added to that list for one good reason—a shipping container home.

These days, recycled shipping containers are being used for a host of reasons, including swimming pools, garages, restaurants, pop-up shops, and more. But its wide-ranging applications don’t end there. Trendy container homes have been generating some major buzz, taking the world by storm.

Below are some rad reasons why builders are transforming these massive metal boxes into houses—and why you might want to move into one.

First, the price

Who are we kidding? For many people in the Lower Mainland, moving into a traditional home is simply a pipe dream. And as prices continue to skyrocket, the idea of buying a home will almost seem laughable.

Did you know that just one 40-foot container offers up 300 square feet of living? Stack a few together and you have yourself a roomy house. Think about it, you can finally make the dream of home ownership a reality—and without having the burden of a heavy mortgage on your shoulders either.

Second, the availability

Its an unavoidable fact. As the population grows, real estate options shrink. That’s okay though because there are a lot of shipping containers. The estimates put the numbers somewhere in the realm of 33 million, worldwide. So, what does that mean for you?

Lots of cargo containers equals lots of home options now! With minimal wait time, you and yours could be living in your very own container home

Third, the design possibilities

Not a fan of the brick-and-mortar housing humdrum on the market? Container homes are making a big splash with today’s forward-thinking people, especially Millennials, looking for a hip new housing option.

Thanks to their flexibility factor, shipping containers are inspiring architects to push the boundaries of housing engineering to new and exciting heights, creating one-of-a-kind dwellings for those folks who don’t do “normal.”

Fourth, the strength

It takes up to 3,500 kilograms of solid steel to make one 40-foot container. So, believe us when we tell you, rest easy knowing you and your family will be snug, safe, and comfy in your container—even when Mother Nature has other plans.

Made with corrosion-resistant Corten® steel, all our containers can withstand all kinds of nasty conditions, from floods and fires to downpours and hurricane winds.

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