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3 Reasons to Buy a Shipping Container in Vancouver

Are you looking for more space? Whether its for business, recreation, or residential, having some extra elbow room sure can make your life a heck of a lot easier. But with the high cost of real estate in the Lower Mainland, having the right storage solution simply wasn’t an option for many folks—until now.

Far more than just huge metal boxes used in the marine industry, shipping containers are now used by many for extra storage space. If you haven’t already put a giant, steel canister on your storage must-have list, maybe it’s time you did. Here are three reasons to buy a shipping container in Vancouver.


When it comes to all the storage and space options that shipping containers offer, the sky’s the limit. From commercial, trade, and institutional storage to home, moving, and hobby space, a shipping container will give you the breathing room you need when you need it most.
Shipping containers are also completely customizable, adding to their versatility. Add windows, seating areas, shelving, walls—whatever you can dream up to create a unique living, office, or commercial space.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used one, nothing quite compares to the flexibility of shipping containers.


Unparalleled security

Shipping containers are tough—unbeatably tough. After all, they were built to handle the high seas and every kind of weather you can think of. The elements, would-be thieves, fire, and pests are simply no match for a shipping container.

Made with Corten steel, shipping containers come complete with two pressed steel doors, locking door posts, and a vandal-resistant lock box. So, if you are concerned about the safety of your items and documents, you know a shipping container is going to protect whatever you put in it.


Sound investment

Wooden and concrete storage options require regular upkeep, depreciating in value as time goes on. Shipping containers, on the other hand, are super durable, capable of lasting forever. So, buying a shipping container in Vancouver is a smart investment that will stretch your dollar further than any other structures out there today.

Wanting to get rid of your container? Another great benefit of owning a shipping container is its resale capabilities. If you no longer need your shipping container, you can easily sell it. Simply post an ad online and have it shipped out to its new location.

So, there you have it—three awesome reasons to buy a shipping container in Vancouver. If you are looking for quality, reliable, and affordable shipping containers in Vancouver, contact Axcess Box Storage today!