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What Industry Would Buy a Shipping Container?

We’ve all seen those big metal shipping containers used for transporting goods. Most often we will see them when they are being transported by train or boat, but shipping containers have been showing remarkable versatility and are now being used in a variety of surprising and innovative ways.

Who would buy a shipping container?

Well, both businesses and individuals are now making use of shipping containers, which have proven to be quite easily adapted to a wide range of needs and circumstances. In fact, there have been numerous stories about people who would buy a shipping container and make it into a garage, a workshop, a private hangout, or something else entirely. They can also be used to create the ever-popular “Man Cave”, or multiple containers may be put together to build a home!

With a little thought and creativity, shipping containers can be useful to just about anybody. Here are four industries that have begun to use shipping containers for much more than their original purpose.


Buy Shipping Containers for the Automotive Industry.

This one seems an obvious fit. After all, shipping containers are already in use worldwide for the transportation of motor vehicles. These containers are built to last; after all, they are made to endure international shipping and even crossing the open ocean, so you know that shipping containers are safe, secure, and incredibly durable, all of which comes in handy for storing your auto parts, accessories, tires, or even an entire vehicle. With the high value of automotive parts and how attractive they are to thieves; shipping containers offer you peace of mind.

The flexibility to own, rent or rent-to-own also provides added value for those whose needs are short- or long-term.


Buy Shipping Containers for the Agriculture Industry.

Similar to the automotive industry, agriculture relies on equipment and machinery that is quite expensive. Keeping it safe and secure is a priority for any farmer, landscaper, or arborist. That’s just the start, however.

In addition to securing farm equipment, shipping containers can become mini-farms in their own right! Innovative farming entrepreneurs have converted shipping containers into complete indoor farming systems that are capable of producing fresh produce year-round, using hydroponic techniques and high-efficiency LED grow lights.

Incredibly, one 40’ shipping container can produce up to the equivalent of 2 acres’ worth of produce, at a much lower price than a similar land-based farm. This has tremendous implications for cold northern territories where the cost of transporting food would be far higher than that of the electricity required to power a shipping container farm.


Buy Shipping Containers for the Education Industry.

Shipping containers offer such flexibility that they can be used in ways you may have never imagined. Take education, for example. A shipping container has the obvious use of storage, such as in the case of off-site record keeping, or a secure lockup for athletic equipment, teaching aids, and more.

Taking things one step further, shipping containers may also be converted into temporary or even permanent classrooms, science labs, and more. One town in Amsterdam even used 250 shipping containers to construct student housing! The dorms were completed in a mere 12 weeks—much faster than building them in the traditional manner.

Buy Shipping Containers for The Manufacturing Industry.

Another logical pairing, shipping containers provide manufacturers with additional storage space at a price that simply cannot be beat, and the ability to expand or reduce that extra space as needed.

With the flexibility that they provide, virtually any business or individual could buy a shipping container and put it to good use.

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