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As New (one tripper) –These containers are wind and watertight, in overall good condition containing minimal sized dents, scratches and exterior surface rust. Doors are in workable condition, and the seals and flooring are functional with no damage. Refurbished Containers – These containers are wind and water tight units that get a fresh coat of paint after all the factory/steamship line decals and graphics have been removed, and the exterior has been cleaned. As a result, you get a newer, younger looking container. Used Containers – These wind-water-tight units have had a little more life experience, with the scars to prove it.  A few dents and scratches here and there, but all in good condition with many more years of service to come. As Is ContainersThese types of units generally aren’t watertight. They may contain floor damage, cracked door seals, holes or larger amounts of rust. As-Is containers are a great way of saving money for those who don’t mind putting a bit of time and money into restoring a container. These, however, are always in short supply and we may or may not carry them at any given time.  

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