Buying vs Renting Mobile Storage Bins

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Buying vs Renting Mobile Storage Bins

If you are unsure whether to rent or buy a mobile storage bin, your choice may not be easy, but there are some things to consider to help make the choice clearer for you.

Benefits to Rent Mobile Storage Bins

Why would you Rent a Mobile Storage Bin?

Benefit 1: Cost effective

Low monthly fees mean you can easily budget the Axcess Box Mobile Storage Bins rental charges without incurring the up-front financial commitment of buying one.

Benefit 2: ‘Curb Appeal’ and Professional Image

AXCESS BOX Containers present a favorable image for your home, business, or organization. Our new storage containers are neat and clean-looking, with minimal markings, and not an eyesore for the community, -so you will maintain the image that you care about the esthetics of your property.

Benefit 3: Time Commitment

The joy of renting an AXCESS BOX is you can use your storage container for as long as it meets your storage needs. When you are finished with it, we come and pick it up, so you don’t have the trouble of removing it from your property yourself.

Why would you want to Buy a Mobile Storage Bin?

Benefit 1: Flexibility of Use

When you buy an AXCESS BOX, you can use it how you like. Do what you want with it and place it wherever you want. Modify your unit with a side door, or install a tool bench. Even make it into an office, tiny house, or wilderness retreat cabin. There really are no limits to what you can do with your new storage container!

Benefit 2: Create your own Curb Appeal

It’s Yours, do what you want with it. Paint it, customize it with graphics, or cover the outside to match your house. The possibilities are endless; Use your imagination!

Benefit 3: Resale Value

Steel Containers retain a lot of their value, even after years of use. When you buy it for business or personal use and are done with it, your investment in mobile storage bins is a safe one, as the resale value will remain much the same.

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