Buying vs Renting Mobile Storage Bins

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Buying vs Renting Mobile Storage Bins

If you are not sure whether to rent or buy mobile storage bins,  your choice may or may not be an easy one but here are some topics to consider to help make the choice clearer for you.

Benefits to Rent Mobile Storage Bins

The benefits of renting a storage bin for your secured, mobile storage needs are simple.

Benefit 1: Cost effective

With low monthly fee’s you can budget the cost of renting Axcess Box mobile storage bins without incurring the up-front financial commitment of buying one.

Benefit 2: ‘Curb Appeal’ and Professional Image

AXCESS BOX offers storage containers that are perfect to use as a mobile storage bin. The storage bin presents a favorable image for your home, business or organization. They are a neat and clean looking storage container with minimal marking so you will always maintain an image that shows people the storage bin is maintained and purposeful.

Benefit 3: Time Commitment

The joy of renting is that you can use the storage bin for a short period of time like a couple of months or for a year and simple return it when you are finished with it.  With an AXCESS BOX you can use your storage container for as long as it meets your storage needs. When you are finished with it, we will pick it up from you so you won’t have to go to the trouble of removing it from your property yourself.

Why would you want to buy Mobile Storage Bins?

That is a good question.  If you believe that you may use the storage bin longer than a few month then buying an Axcess Box offers a handful of benefits that renting can’t provide:

Benefit 1: Use Flexibility

When you buy an AXCESS BOX you use it how you like. Do what you want with it and place it where you want. Or, have us modify it with a side-door or install a tool bench for you. There really are no limits to what you can do with your new storage container!

Benefit 2: Resale Value

Steel Containers retain much of their value even after years of use. When you buy it for business or personal use, your investment in mobile storage bins is a safe one.

Axcess Mobile Box Storage has portable storage containers for sale now.  You can purchase them new or used  from us and have your belongings secure and available to axcess your atv, snowmobile or tools when you are ready for them.  These outdoor storage containers protect your belongings from the rain and wind.

Another reason that people buy storage containers are to use them as mobile offices on work sites or rural areas.  These shipping container offices are secure and move from one construction project to the next project in a convenient and efficient way.   We receive call for people looking to buy a shipping container to build affordable homes and offices as well as to use as mobile storage bins. Contact us to learn about the shipping container for sale that we can offer you.

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