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Customizing Storage Containers in Chilliwack

Thinking about transforming that plain container into something useful and totally unique? Whether it be a simple storage solution or a fully functioning home, you’ll want to mull over some key customization options. Before you begin a makeover for your storage containers in Chilliwack, let’s explore some of the modifications to consider for a successful project.

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What You Need to Know About Ground Preparation for Shipping Containers 

A shipping container is only as solid as the foundation it rests on. Just like any building, a container needs a level and solid surface to keep the structure stable and secure. So, before you receive your storage unit, you will want to make sure the ground condition is properly prepared. 

Without a level foundation, there are a host of problems that can impact your shipping container project. Exposure to moisture, excess rusting, and compromised door access issues can come back and haunt you, turning storage box ownership into a nightmare. 

Let’s take a closer look at how ground preparation can save you a ton of time, money, and headaches down the road. 

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3 Big Benefits from Small Shipping Containers

Good things come in small packages—or so the saying goes. But as true as this might be, small is hardly a word anyone would use to describe a shipping container. After all, these massive metal boxes have long invoked images of apartment-sized structures, stacked on top of each other, sailing across the high seas.

But the truth is not every shipping container is a 40ft behemoth. If you are looking for a more compact storage solution, shipping containers come in smaller sizes. When space is limited, we have you covered with our mighty mini container options.

Check out all the big benefits small containers can offer up.

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How Shipping Containers Can Simplify Your Move

Shipping containers certainly have come a long way to shed that seaworthiness persona. Heck, these mighty metal bins are used for just about anything these days, from homes to hospitals.

Sure, shipping containers can make for some interesting conversation starters in the world of commercial and residential builds, they can also take some very heavy loading burdens off your shoulders when it comes to relocating. Let’s jump right in to how our storage solutions can make your move—and your life easier.

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What Are Rent-To-Own Storage Containers Good For?

The shipping industry relies on storage containers to safely transport goods all over the world. But if you think that is the sole purpose of a shipping container, you’ll be surprised! These handy storage units are the perfect solutions for a host of innovative projects. So, if you are asking yourself, “What are rent-to-own storage containers good for?”, read on to learn about some of the most creative uses for shipping containers.

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Rent-To-Own Storage Containers for Festivals or Special Events in Vancouver

Events and festivals take a lot of hard work and planning to successfully get off the ground. With so many moving parts, event organizers will need to do everything they can to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. If you’ve got an event or festival in the works, here are some big benefits of using rent-to-own storage containers for any occasion in Vancouver.  

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Advantages of Using Rent-To-Own Storage Containers for Farming

It might be winter out there, but that doesn’t matter much to all those Lower Mainland foodies out there. They still expect fresh, uber hip, local food all year long. And as the demands for local produce continues to climb, the indoor farming movement has never been more popular (and necessary).

A rising star in the indoor farming scene, the mild-mannered shipping container has been used for a ton of super repurposing solutions, from houses and shops to cafés, playgrounds, and even swimming pools. Now, these handy rent-to-own storage solutions are being transformed into state-of-the-art mobile farms. Here’s why:

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