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What You Need to Know About Ground Preparation for Shipping Containers 

A shipping container is only as solid as the foundation it rests on. Just like any building, a container needs a level and solid surface to keep the structure stable and secure. So, before you receive your storage unit, you will want to make sure the ground condition is properly prepared. 

Without a level foundation, there are a host of problems that can impact your shipping container project. Exposure to moisture, excess rusting, and compromised door access issues can come back and haunt you, turning storage box ownership into a nightmare. 

Let’s take a closer look at how ground preparation can save you a ton of time, money, and headaches down the road. 

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4 Industries That Benefit from Outdoor Storage Box Solutions

Not all companies are created equal. Depending on the manufacturing requirements, different industries will require different levels of mobility. When flexibility is a must, you will need a storage solution to keep your business operational. That’s where portable storage units come in. Let’s take a closer look at the top four industries that will benefit from an outdoor storage box.

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3 Big Benefits from Small Shipping Containers

Good things come in small packages—or so the saying goes. But as true as this might be, small is hardly a word anyone would use to describe a shipping container. After all, these massive metal boxes have long invoked images of apartment-sized structures, stacked on top of each other, sailing across the high seas.

But the truth is not every shipping container is a 40ft behemoth. If you are looking for a more compact storage solution, shipping containers come in smaller sizes. When space is limited, we have you covered with our mighty mini container options.

Check out all the big benefits small containers can offer up.

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How Much Do Storage Containers Cost?

How much do storage containers cost? This is a question many business owners looking for extra space are asking. More and more proprietors are turning to shipping containers to handle their storage needs. Whether it is for an excess of inventory or workspace expansion, renting or buying a container makes good sense. If you are budgeting for a storage option, here is what you will need to consider before making your purchase.

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4 Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Shipping Containers for Sale

Commercial and residential building projects fashioned out of shipping containers have been gaining popularity these days. With so many people vying to get their hands on these handy storage solutions, it can be easy to overlook the pitfalls that can come with your purchase. To make sure your ventures go off without a hitch, here are the top four mistakes to avoid when buying shipping containers for sale.

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What’s Life Like Living in A Container Home?

Houses, condos, apartments, townhomes, and even castles, there are a myriad of housing options out there. But what you might not know is that shipping containers are quickly gaining traction as affordable and functional live-in alternatives. So, what’s it like to live in one? Read on to learn how this mighty box is transcending its storage status as a prefab, fabulous housing solution.
Options galore!

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How to Choose the Right Shipping Container Sizes

In the market for a shipping container? Better make sure you know what size you want first. After all, getting the dimensions right will save you some huge hassles and headaches down the road. That’s why we’ve put together this nifty guide on how to choose the right shipping container sizes to support your storage needs.

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Converting Shipping Containers: Turning Dullsville into Dynamic

I’ll be the first to admit it—a shipping container doesn’t quite conjure up visions of excitement. I mean, after all, it’s just a big metal box, right? Hold on there a second.

Sure, it’s only four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. But what you can do with a shipping container…well, that’s an entirely different story, my friends.

People ask me all the time about Axcess box and what it is we do. In the past, I simply used to say a shipping container provider (I know, I know, cue the yawing sounds). These days, however, I’ve taken a slightly different approach in my response.

When inquiring minds want to know, I tell them what we’re really all about—container conversions! Yup, after I drop that little tidbit of info on them, folks’ ears perk up, imploring me to dish up more about the biz we’re in.

If you think a shipping container is solely just that, think again. Other than the “yeah, you can store stuff in it” kind of thing, these magnificent metal boxes are being used in a slew of mind-blowing and creative ways.

So, what am I going on and on about? Here are just some of the funky, functional, and fun ways container conversions are turning up the heat and turning heads.

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we?

You’d have to be living in a cave (at least that’s more affordable, though) not to notice Vancouver’s dwindling housing market.

Converted containers are starting to make a lot of sense with Lower Mainlanders wanting to be a part of that exclusive homeowner crowd. To meet the ever-increasing housing demand, shipping containers are being transformed into some pretty inspiring living space options—from guesthouses and home additions to multi-dwelling container projects.

Bottom line? A converted container is the smart, affordable answer to the lack of available housing options plaguing the province.

But that’s not all—not even close.

Okay, so shipping container homes are all the rage these days. You get it. But what you might not know is that converted containers are making a huge splash for those ready to strike it out on their own.

If you are finally willing to listen to that inner entrepreneur and give up the shackles of the daily grind, shipping containers are quite literally opening the doors to a plethora of business opportunities.

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You don’t have all day to go over the entire list of super cool business ventures out there. Heck, my fingers are already tired thinking about typing all that up. So, we’ll throw just a few ideas your way to give you the general gist of things.

As you read this, containers are already being used for a myriad of business endeavors, including pop-up shops, cafés, art galleries, bars, theatres, retail stores, offices, darkrooms, and even shopping malls.

If you still think a shipping container is just a container, contact us today. We’ll make converted container believer out of you yet.

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Shipping Container Emerging Trend: The Pop-Up Retail Space

Pop-up stores are everywhere! These ultra hip mobile shops are increasingly becoming the go-to marketing strategy for all kinds of retailers, from food to fashion.

Whether it be for testing new locations, markets, campaigns, or products, the pop-up format is a low-risk, low-cost option to build a buzz and reach out to potential customers.

Pop-up retail space is being created in a host of shapes, sizes, and site locations. These startups can be found in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, as a standalone kiosk, or even in the form of a motorized vehicle, jumping on board the food truck trend.

Just in case you haven’t already heard, one of the coolest options to construct a pop-up store is using a shipping container. Here’s why.

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Shipping Containers – The Smart Choice for Business Startups

Startups are popping up all over the place these days. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd of budding entrepreneurs out there, try thinking inside the box with a giant metal box. Yup, that’s right. Getting your gig up and running is a breeze with a shipping container.

Used for more than just transporting and storing goods, new and used shipping containers can be transformed into a host of business creations, saving you time, money, and hassles. Here are just some of the truly amazing things you can do with shipping containers for a business startup.

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