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7 Reasons Why Mobile Storage Containers Outshine Warehouse Rentals in BC

There can be several reasons why your business might need to put things in storage. Perhaps you are moving, and your closing date has been pushed back, requiring you to vacate your current property before the new one is ready. You may also be required to keep certain physical documents for an extended period, without sufficient room to store them on-site.
Whatever your reason, you might be thinking you need to rent a warehouse. But what you may not know is that renting a mobile storage container could prove to be a much better solution. Here are 7 reasons why mobile storage containers outshine warehouse rentals in BC.

1. Cost-effectiveness

One of the more significant reasons to rent a mobile storage container is their cost-effectiveness. When renting a warehouse, options are limited and you may end up paying for more space than you need. Renting mobile storage allows for a more tailored experience, where you pay only for the space you require.

2. Customization Options

With Axcess Box, you not only have flexibility where the size of the container is concerned, but the layout, as well. Some of the other optional features you might require include shelving systems or climate control. Customizable storage options means that you get exactly what you need.

3. Flexibility and Mobility

Mobile storage containers, as their name indicates, are easy to transport and place where needed. This means that when you rent a container, it can be placed exactly where you want it. It can also be relocated to a new location if necessary, allowing businesses greater flexibility with your storage. A warehouse, on the other hand, stays where it is, which may prove inconvenient if you must travel some distance to reach it.

4. Enhanced Security

When you must put your valuable assets into storage, you have a high expectation for security. A warehouse may seem like a more secure choice, but today’s mobile storage containers are sturdy and secure, equipped with more than just lockable doors. Mobile storage containers have advanced locking systems such as vandal-resistant lock boxes, keypad entry, and latch guards that make it extremely difficult for anyone to get into your container.

5. Accessibility and Convenience

To maintain efficient business operations, you need convenient accessibility. A mobile storage container provides that because your stored items can be kept wherever you want them. You won’t need to waste time driving to the warehouse to search for a single item, when everything is accessible at your location.

6. Scalability

As mentioned above, you pay only for the storage that you need. But what happens when your business grown, and you need more space? The size of a warehouse is not going to change, but a storage container can be replaced with a larger unit, or you may prefer to simply add a second container. The choice is yours, but you can relax knowing that your changing needs will continue to be met.

7. Short-term and Long-term Solutions

Mobile containers can be used for both short- and long-term storage, as necessary. You can rent or buy shipping containers for ongoing storage or temporary use during peak season.

Advantageous for Your Business

With so many advantages to renting a mobile storage unit, there is little need to consider renting warehouse space in BC. The cost-effectiveness, customization option, scalability, and other advantages of mobile storage all add up to make mobile containers the top choice for your storage needs.

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