Shipping Container Shelter

20x40 Shelter


When you need that outdoor space to protect and store large items or a protected place to work in the yard, adding a shelter roof between two firmly anchored storage containers can be the perfect solution. Contact Axcess Box to discuss your needs.

Get The Right Size For Your Yard

20′ x 20′ shelter – 400 Sqft – $1175 ea. Plus tax.
20′ x 40′ shelters – 800 sqft – $1950 ea. Plus tax.

Shipping Container Shelters

Set up a Work Station or Big Boy Toy weather Shelter using a combination of our Shipping Containers and Shelters.

Our Shipping Container Shelters are made of Strong PVC and come with securing clips.

Each Shelter is made with Single Tussed Galvanized Tubing,

Arch –  45*1.5mm

Purlin – 32*1.2mm

Cover – 610g PVC

**Permissible Snow Load  – 40 lb/ft1 or 1.9 KN/m2

**Permissible Wind Load – 60 MPH or .047 kPa


Ask about our Shelter special…

25%  off the Price of a 20′ x 20′ or 20′ x 40′ Container Shelter with the purchase of a Shipping Container.

Set up a workstation or big boy toy weather shelter using a combination of our Shipping Containers and Shelters.


Space is always at a premium in a lot of commercial businesses that have a limited amount of ground to work it.  Shelter Storage is a unique solution that attaches a 20-foot span of shelter between two storage containers.  They provide a convenient, relatively inexpensive covered workspace or storage space, make the most of limited areas, and the storage containers provide solid anchors for the shelter. 


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In the Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley Areas, we get a wide variety of weather, from heavy, regular rains to long hot summers. No matter what, there will always be equipment that you want to keep out of the elements but don’t want to lock away.  Container Shelters can be the perfect solution to provide extra, lower security storage or a staging, assembly or workspace that is out of the worst weather, but still well ventilated & close to storage.

What’s more, when you’re done with it, the container can be easily disassembled and transported away or moved to another location. How’s that for convenience?


Securely anchored by steel storage containers, our storage shelters are built to stand up to the elements from high winds to heavy snow, and won’t be damaged by strong sunlight.

By connecting the shelter to the steel storage containers, this workspace will be much more durable and secure than regular, freestanding shelters. Storage Shelters also make the most of the limited space in your work yard.


Your temporary storage needs can change in the blink of an eye. If you are stuck with insufficient space to put your excess items, you could be left scrambling around for more storage options.

Get The Right Size For Your Yard

20′ x 20′ shelter, $1175 ea. Plus tax.

(W6xL6xH2)m  — Single Trussed Galvanized Tube  Cover 610g PVC

20′ x 40′ shelters, $1950 ea. Plus tax.

(W6xL12xH2)m  — Single Trussed Galvanized Tube  Cover 610 PVC

Both are 6’6″ in Height.

Currently Available in White only.


Axcess Box is one of the most established, well-known, and dependable Storage Box suppliers in the Metro Vancouver area. Based in Abbotsford, we regularly provide boxes from the North Shore to White Rock, the Fraser Valley, and everywhere in between and beyond.  Our customers appreciate our dependability, ultra-secure, quality containers, and competitive pricing, including our unique “Rent to Own” program which businesses money in the long run.   We work hard to ensure clients get the storage they need, whether that includes a container shelter or not.


Whether it is for residential, agricultural, industrial, or commercial purposes, there are many businesses or public entities that will find a storage shelter is the perfect fit for their property.  From extra parking for machinery to a place to store dry goods or landscape materials that are better kept out of the elements, to a lunch break area or a staging or assembly area for manufactured goods.  Your imagination is the limit to what these versatile, inexpensive structures can be used for.


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