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Customizing Storage Containers in Chilliwack

Thinking about transforming that plain container into something useful and totally unique? Whether it be a simple storage solution or a fully functioning home, you’ll want to mull over some key customization options. Before you begin a makeover for your storage containers in Chilliwack, let’s explore some of the modifications to consider for a successful project.


Whether it’s for office spaces, garages, or homes, you want to make sure your storage containers in Chilliwack are appropriate for the elements. There are a host of window, door, and skylight possibilities to choose from that can easily be installed.

For consistent airflow, temperature, and humidity control, proper ventilation is a must. Fortunately, quality container companies already have aeration options in place for you. Eight ventilators are affixed on 20′ and 40′ sized containers (four ventilators on the 8-10′ sizes) for better container “breathing.”

Insulation is also important to ensure maximum comfort. You can apply spray foam on the walls and ceiling or use fiberglass insulation to help manage the internal temperature of your storage container.

Interior Design

Customize your storage containers in Chilliwack with interior partitions, wall panels, and shelves to up that functionality factor. Also, you will need to consider lighting and electrical modifications to suit your needs.

No interior design project would be complete without the right flooring in place. One of the most popular choices is hardwood plywood flooring. It will not only add comfort and stability, but also allows for easy transport of heavy items, making arrangement and movement a breeze.

Exterior Design

When it comes to boosting aesthetic appeal and turning heads, it’s all about great exterior design. First impressions are everything, so make yours count with an eye-catching container.

Take your shipping container customization to the next level with paint, carpentry, and accessories, bringing your vision to life.

Modifications turn a simple storage container into offices, workshops, housing, storage units, vendor kiosks, cafés, or even works of art the entire community can enjoy.

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Your customized project is only as good as the container you use. Without the right option, your new venture can fail before it even begins.

If you are looking for the best storage containers in Chilliwack, great storage ideas begin at Axcess Box. We know that finding the right container to meet your specific needs can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a host of durable and affordable shipping container solutions to ensure the success of your project.

When you expect more from your shipping container provider – without paying more – reach out to Axcess Box Mobile Storage.