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Ground Preparation for Your Shipping Container

No doubt you’re excited to receive delivery of your shipping container. But before you schedule a drop off appointment, you’re going to want to make sure that the prep work on your foundation is finalized. Shipping containers are heavy. Be prepared.

At Axcess Box Mobile Storage, we want to help you turn your shipping container vision into a reality. To help ensure a successful project, read on to learn all about ground preparation for your shipping container.

Level the ground

Level ground is a must no matter how long you plan to use your shipping container. Even the slightest lopsided ground can affect how level your project will end up. If you don’t have the machinery (like an excavator or a compactor) or the knowhow to do this, hire a professional who can level off the ground for you.


Concrete slabs

Opening a funky café? Creating a wonderful workshop? Installing a tool shed? Whatever permanent project you’ve got on the go, laying down a concrete reinforced slab before your shipping container is in place is just plain smart. Otherwise, the ground could subside, causing your shipping container and all that hard work to sink.



If temporary storage is what you’re after, blocks can come in super handy. Made of steel, solid timber, or concrete, blocks should be laid at each corner of the shipping container. Putting your shipping container up on blocks will not only help protect your landscape but also prevent flooding from all that wet West Coast weather.


Pile foundations

If your soil is too weak (think silt and sand), to bear the weight of concrete or a shipping container, piles can help create a solid foundation. These cylindrical steel tubes are driven through the ground until they reach a firmer level that can support the extra load. Professional contractors with pile drivers will be able to perform the installations of the piles.

Permanent or temporary, your shipping container needs a solid place to rest. Don’t put your project or your items at risk.
Taking the time to prep your ground now will go a long way to saving money, time, and effort later.

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