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How Much Do Storage Containers Cost?

How much do storage containers cost? This is a question many business owners looking for extra space are asking. More and more proprietors are turning to shipping containers to handle their storage needs. Whether it is for an excess of inventory or workspace expansion, renting or buying a container makes good sense. If you are budgeting for a storage option, here is what you will need to consider before making your purchase.

What sizes do storage containers come in?

First things first, you will need to get a handle on your storage needs. Fortunately, storage containers come in a host of sizes to meet whatever you plan on storing. There are, of course, the standard sizes—20’ and 40’ containers. But the possibilities don’t end there. Some shipping container providers like Access Box offer 8’, 9’, and even 10’ storage options.

What are my options for storage containers?

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of the costs involved, it’s a smart idea to go over your options first. Do you need a permanent storage solution? Or are you looking for a short-term alternative? The good news is that we provide a variety of storage container possibilities, like buying, renting, and even rent-to-own options. We even offer in-house financing for all our new and used container purchases.

Can I buy or rent local?

As with anything, delivery charges can add up, affecting the overall price of your container. If you are looking to cut costs, buying local will help save money and time. At Axcess Box, we pride ourselves in our quality and speed of service. Located in Abbotsford, we handle the entire Greater Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley.

How much do storage containers cost to rent?

Don’t need permanent storage? No problem. Renting a shipping container can be extremely useful if you are only looking for a temporary storage option. At Axcess Box, you can rent a brand new 20’ shipping container for as little as $140 per month. That’s a whopping 1120 cubic feet of storage, complete with 14-gauge corrugated steel sides and roof, steel cam-locking doors, and 1-1/8” thick marine wood floor.

Shipping containers are the trendy storage solutions for many business owners these days. Cost effective, worry free, flexible, and mobile, investing in a storage container is worth is its weight in steel.

If you are in the market for a smart, long-lasting, and affordable way to add storage space or functional workspace to your property, turn to Axcess Box. We have all the high-quality shipping containers you need at a price you are going to love.

For unsurpassed storage containers and customer service, contact Axcess Box Mobile Storage.