How to Choose the Right Shipping Container Sizes

In the market for a shipping container? Better make sure you know what size you want first. After all, getting the dimensions right will save you some huge hassles and headaches down the road. That’s why we’ve put together this nifty guide on how to choose the right shipping container sizes to support your storage needs.

Shipping Container Sizes

Many folks don’t know this, but shipping containers come in a myriad of shapes and sizes—and used for all kinds of purposes too! Whether it be for storage, homes, pop-up shops, or swimming pools, there is a container size for whatever project you’ve got on the go.

Shipping container sizes can start from a compact 7’ ranging all the way up to a mammoth 40’ option. So, choose wisely. Picking too small a container won’t solve those major storage problems. Going the big boy route, on the other hand, can waste space if you’re not using it.

We could go on all day about different shipping container dimensions, weights, and load capacities, but maybe it would be more helpful to put it into terms that make practical sense to you.

Let’s break down the more typical shipping container sizes.

10’ shipping containers – Roughly the storage size of a small one-bedroom apartment, these shipping containers make excellent entry level options, with a minimalist design in mind. If you are looking for something that will safely store away garden tools, landscaping equipment, and bikes, this one’s for you.


20’ shipping containers – This container measures about the same size as your standard one-car garage. This not-too big and not-too-small option is awesome for whatever you can dream up. Whether you are creating a man cave, planning a play area for the kids, or installing a convenient, cost-effective home addition, a 20’ shipping container has got you covered.

40’ shipping container – When anything smaller just won’t do, this one’s your “go big or go home” storage solution. Around the size of a two-car garage, the sky’s the limit with what you can do with a 40’ shipping container. A massive container is perfect for storing all kinds of stuff, including construction materials, furniture, sporting equipment, and retail inventory—you name it, it’ll fit.

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