mobile storage container delivery

How to Prepare for Mobile Storage Container Delivery

Are you planning to order a mobile storage container? If so, then you will probably want to know how to prepare for its arrival. Mobile storage containers are a great solution for when you need to store your belongings in a space-efficient way. Whether you need it for a few days or weeks, a mobile storage container does the trick. But how do you get ready for its arrival? This guide will walk you through the process of preparing your property for mobile storage container delivery.

Ensure the storage container will fit on your property

Verify that the size of the storage container you ordered will fit on your property. The easiest way to do this is by measuring the space where you plan to keep it and comparing it with the dimensions of available containers on the internet. If you’re working with a reliable shipping container provider like Axcess Box, they should be able to provide you with accurate measurements of their available units.

Choose a smooth, level surface

The best place to position your container is on a concrete slab or hard surface with no obstructions. If the site has poor drainage or is prone to flooding, you may want to consider using heavy-duty sandbags instead of standard ones to keep the container from sinking into the ground while being loaded or unloaded.

Clear out obstacles

Make sure there is plenty of room around your building where the driver will be able to safely park and unload their truck. Also, clear out any obstacles that might be in the way of where the mobile storage container will go once it arrives at its final destination.

Avoid low power lines

While it may seem obvious, it’s easy for people to forget about this when they’re in a rush. The last thing anyone wants is for their new container to be delivered but not be able to make it into their driveway due to low-hanging electrical wires or tree branches blocking the entranceway. Make sure that there are no low-hanging trees or power lines near where the delivery will take place so that your new storage unit can arrive safely and securely

Ensure access to the storage container

You’ll need access to the place where the mobile storage container will be delivered. The delivery driver may not be able to fit down narrow alleyways or through tight spaces without damaging any objects around it—including other people’s property! You should make sure that there is enough space for the driver to get in and out of wherever they park their truck and trailer without damaging anything else on-site.

Verify loading options

You can also consider having your container delivered by a company with trucks that have forklifts on them so they can drive up and load your container from the ground level rather than having to use a crane. This is often less expensive than renting a crane but may take longer depending on how much time it takes for their personnel to set up their equipment and move your container into place.

Check to see if the ground will support the added weight

Make sure that the ground will support the weight of the container and ensure there is a concrete pad underneath it if possible. The foundation must be level with the top of the container floor so that there is no risk of water seeping in underneath during rainstorms or snow melts (since water will collect at low points). Also, check for any underground utilities like gas lines or plumbing lines that may be damaged by digging into them while anchoring down your container!

Arrange to have your utilities set up

Make sure that all utilities will be available when needed during delivery and installation—especially water and electricity if you plan on running appliances inside the unit (such as refrigerators). If necessary, hire an electrician to install additional electrical outlets or outdoor plugs if there aren’t already enough outlets available near where you plan on storing containers. If you plan on using plumbing within your mobile storage container, then hiring a plumber to come in and set up your water lines is highly recommended.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the arrival of your container

If possible, schedule the delivery date at least two weeks in advance. This allows plenty of time for any last-minute prep work before the truck arrives at your home or business address. You may also want an extra day or two after delivery to move items into their permanent locations inside the unit or onto shelves and racks within it.

Preparing for your storage container delivery doesn’t have to be stressful. With proper preparation, you will be better positioned to properly use your storage container once you receive it. If you are uncertain about how to prepare for mobile storage container delivery, reach out to Axcess Box Mobile Storage.