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How to Properly Pack Your Mobile Storage Rentals in Langley

We all love our stuff. But when things start to pile up, we need additional space to store everything. Whether you are in the middle of moving or looking for a place to put things during a home renovation, mobile storage rentals offer a quick and easy solution.

No matter why you need a storage unit, it is important to know how to properly pack your shipping container. Let’s take a closer look at how to do exactly that.

Pack safe

Mobile storage Langley rentals are perfect for storing a wide range of things, from furniture and bikes to gardening tools and lawnmowers. But not everything is suitable to place into storage.

When you are packing up your mobile storage units, avoid putting dangerous items like paint, gasoline, and chemicals into the container. Flammable items can ignite, causing irreparable damage to your belongings.

If you are planning to pack perishables like food or plants, don’t store them for long periods of time. Decay and rot can ruin your items.

Use the right packing material

Be it for short- or long-term storage, make sure to take extra care when packing valuables. Few things are more upsetting than opening a box only to discover your favourite valuables are cracked or broken.

When you are packing your items in mobile storage rentals, use reliable packing materials to ensure your items are well protected. Using blankets, bedding, towels, or bubble wrap will help keep those precious belongings safe during storage.

Label your boxes

Labeling your items before you store them can save you headaches and hassles down the road. Otherwise, you will have no idea which things are in which boxes, causing confusion and potential damage.

With the right labeling, you will know which items are fragile, preventing you from stacking heavier boxes on top of them. Plus, you will be able to place the items you might need quicker access to closer to the entrance, saving you time and trouble sorting through everything.

Create an inventory list

During packing, things can get muddled. If you are only storing a limited amount of your belongings, you may forget what you have put away.

The easiest solution to keep track of everything is to make an inventory list. That way you will not only know what you have packed, but also have a clear understanding of what size shipping container you will need.

Knowing how to properly pack will go a long way to helping you keep tabs on your stuff, as well as prevent possible damage.

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