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How to Secure Your Belongings On-Site with A Shipping Container

Storing your precious items in shipping containers is a smart idea—they were designed to withstand the high seas, after all. So, whether you want to protect your possessions from the elements, pests, or would-be-thieves, a heavy-duty unit can be a big blessing for people looking for a secure self-storage solution.

But like any storage structure, you want to make sure it has all the proper safety features in place. Read on to learn how to secure your belongings on-site with a shipping container.


A shipping container is only as secure as the material it is made from. Before you make your purchase, make sure the storage unit you get is constructed with the highest quality material like corrosion resistant Corten® steel. Also, ask the shipping container supplier if their products are inspected on the production line for dimensions, door operation, quality of construction, and water tightness.


Your first line of defense to securing your belongings is to invest in a good padlock. Your local hardware store will most likely carry a variety of brands and options. Just make sure to pick up the thickest lock for optimal security.

Lock Box

Vandals are always looking for an easy way to get their hands on people’s property—don’t give them one. A lock box adds that extra level of security to help prevent breaches. This handy security feature has a welded steel cover that protects your lock and is fitted to the doors. With a lock box in place, thieves are going to move on to greener pastures.

Inner Bolts

Inner bolts are great options to up the internal security factor of your on-site storage. Fitted on the inside of the shipping container door, an inner bolting system will make it virtually impossible for thieves to gain access to your container from the outside.

Alarm System

An alarm system will not only detect unlawful activity, but also offer a deterrence, helping to prevent crime before it happens. Alarm systems can come with motion, heat, sound, or contact sensors. When the sensors detect movement, the system will usually sound a loud alarm that will notify a monitoring company or contact you by phone, text, or other means.

Exterior Lighting

It is no surprise that thieves use the cover of night to commit crimes. Installing exterior lighting will help to discourage offenders from trespassing on your property and trying to break into your on-site storage container. To prevent tampering, make sure to have the lighting mounted as high as possible.

When it comes to keeping your prized possessions safe and sound, shipping container security is a must. With a quality storage unit and the right security measures, you will go a long way to completely protecting your belongings.

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