How to Maintain the Roof on Rent-To-Own Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are made from the toughest steel, built to shrug off the harshest environments—but nothing, not even a mighty metal box, is indestructible. If you are considering rent-to-own shipping containers, regular upkeep on the roof is important to keep you and everything in it well-protected. Read on to learn some important roof maintenance tips to ensure yours is in tip-top shape.

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Watch the weight
Choose the right shipping container company
Remove dirt and debris
Regularly inspect the roof

Watch the weight

Too much weight on your roof can compromise its structural integrity. The same goes for rent-to-own containers. If you plan on storing heavy items on top of your container, make sure it can handle the load. To do this, ensure your rent-to-own container has been reinforced with four high strength corner posts fitted with sturdy corner castings, top and bottom.

Prevent corrosion

The Lower Mainland gets its fair share of the wet stuff. And when the precipitation comes, pooling water, ice, and snow can collect on the roof. Left for too long, moisture can lead to rust, thinning metal, and leakage. So, after heavy rains and snowfall, be sure to remove excess water and ice from your rent-to-own container to prevent corrosion.

Choose the right hipping container company

A shipping container roof is only as good as the company that manufactures it. There are a lot of shipping containers out there. So, you’ll want to do some homework first before committing. Make sure the shipping container company you plan on using sells premium products. The shipping containers should be tested for quality, made from Corten® steel, fitted with locking door posts and a vandal-resistant lock box, and backed by a rock-solid warranty.

Remove dirt and debris

Keeping the roof clean and free of debris is a great way to extend the life of your rent-to-own container. Sweep and scrub away dust, grime, and rust using commercial or homemade cleaning products. Also, mold buildup can cause health issues, so remove any trace of it with some bleach or an anti-mildew solution.

Regularly inspect the roof

It’s always a smart idea to regularly inspect your rent-to-own container. Those small issues now can turn into some major damage later, wreaking havoc on your storage solution. If you notice any holes, dents, or scratches, contact your shipping container provider for repairs.

There’s a lot riding on (and under) your rent-to-own shipping container roof. A little preventative maintenance will go a long way to ensuring it keeps you and your belongings safe and sound for many years to come.

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