Recreational Storage Containers

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Recreational Storage Containers

Give yourself room to breathe to spread your wings. Relax, experience and entertain. What are you waiting for?
You work hard, now find your space for your rewarding adventures.


classic car garage axcess box storage shipping container

Store your baby in pristine condition until your next sunny day out on the open road. Even if you’re moving or stuck in a small apartment, you can now keep your pride & joy ready-to-go for your next adventure. Keep it secure and portable for show-n’-shine shows. Now you can have that extra garage space! Customize with heating for perfect year round access.
• collector, hotrods, classic cars & street bikes
• snowmobiles, motocross, atv’s & scooters
• secure lock-up & protection
• save on ICBC insurance


female kayaker sport recreational axcess box storage shipping container

Secure lockup for your valuable pleasure craft. Year round enjoyment at your beck-and-call or winterize for seasonal storage for winter shutdown when you need a garage. Perfect for on-site storage at the cabin or away from home. Get quick in-and-out access for those perfect days when you want to get out on the water – quick load n’ go!
More great storage solutions:
• jet-skis, sea-doos, ski & wake board boats
• fishing boats, kayaks, SUP’s or sailboats
• on-site storage at the cabin


girl go with ski equpment in ski touring FC8TLPR axcess box storage shipping container

Odd-shaped gear can sometimes be difficult to store… but no more! Find your equipment in a hurry so you can get out there and enjoy. Your perfect niche activity will always be waiting for you when you’re ready. Hiking, biking and working out takes on a whole new benefit plan for your health. Great investment with guaranteed returns for your body. No more guilt trips. Great for:
• bicycles, camping & hiking gear
• skis, snowboards, golf clubs & scuba gear
• hockey, baseball & sports team equipment
• weights, home gym, boxing studio, billiards


car garage axcess box storage shipping container

When you need to work on cars or other mechanical projects, your portable garage is available for all your tinkering. Now you can have the shop you always wanted. Secure for your machinery, equipment and tools. Theft-proof and spacious. Customize to your specifications for your awesome man-cave. Great solutions for:
• auto mechanics & welders
• wood-working & metal-working
• parts, materials & mechanical supplies
• shop bay & restorations


woman gardening hobby axcess box storage shipping container

Time to get rid of that high maintenance shed. Long-lasting, durable and clean containers keeps your yard looking trim year-round with quick access when any storm blows through. Potting projects and nursery plants can get a head start in a protective environment for beautiful crop later in the season. Add custom skylights, or lighting to keep your projects productive. Great uses:
• patio furniture, BBQ’s and firepits
• lawn mowers, ride-ons and snow blowers
• garden tool shed & supplies


music hobby axcess box storage shipping container

Have your perfect creative space where you can hone your talent without interruption! Add windows, insulation, sound-proofing or sidewall awnings, for a great hang-out where you can invite your friends. Portable and secure for road trips or road shows when you want to showcase your talent. Great marketing tool with custom exterior graphics during transport! Other great ideas:
• karoake, band or sound studio
• painting room, arts & crafts
• dance or writing studio
• movie or theatre room


sport event axcess box mobile storage

Recycling and goodwill items can start a good collection ready for your next event. Fund-raising for school or running in your first half-marathan all need helping hands for a great get-together of enthusiasts. Whether you host parties or bring along the goods for your fancy affair, give yourself room to breathe and refresh others. Easy takealong options for drop-off and pick-up or haul in the back or your truck. Great for:
• garage sales, signs, staging, entertaining
• tent canopies, tables & chairs
• relay events, marathons & fireworks


fly fishing hobby axcess box storage shipping container

Don’t want those fumes permeating through your house? Stay dry and cozy in your quiet place of retreat for your passion or hobby studio. Maybe you will can now finally discover your hidden talent. More uses:
• craft-making shop or kennel
• planes, trains & model-making shop
• antique collecting and refinishing
• hobby farms & cottage industries
• catering, canning & preserves
• wine-making & wine ‘cellar’
• game-curing or smokehouse


vacation recreational axcess box storage shipping container

Lock-it-up and go! Now you can enjoy worryfree security when you go backpacking or RVing across the country. Save your rent money for your adventures. You can even have your belongings shipped to you at your destination for extended stays for that dream-of-a-lifetime journey you always wanted to take. When opportunity knocks, don’t let extra baggage weigh you down, stow-and-go!
Vault it for your valuables:
• RV-ing, hot-tub and pool supplies
• Backpacking trips
• Bring it with you

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