Rent Shipping Containers for Storage

rent shipping container Axcess box storage


Hassle-free renting gets you temporary or permanent storage on a shoestring budget without the up-front financial commitment. Tenants and contractors dream on!


Now you don’t have to outlay a huge bundle of cash to get you where you want to go. If it’s temporary or short term access you’d like, you have it. Even long term storage helps you move on in life so you can keep things in a stable environment.

Mobile storage keeps it simple for various stages of life – moving, renovating, kids or grandparents. Special events or travel dreams can be realized at affordable rates


Contact Axcess Box to learn more about buying or renting shipping containers in BC.

Rental is only available in the Lower Mainland and is based on approved credit checks.


Rent to Own Mobile Storage Containers for Businesses

Keep your options open without being locked into expensive time commitments. One day event, two week moving or transfer, one month construction project or three year lifestyle change… whatever works for you.

Breathe easier without that outside pressure hounding you to take care of everything right now.

With simple and quick pick up and drop off, you’ll be happy you chose to rent.


Axcess box storage rent to own bc shipping containers

Keep your customers and neighbours happy without all the clutter and mess that can come with your projects or recent acquisitions. Your ‘curb appeal’ just brought in a few more prospective clients.

Excess accumulations have a neat, orderly and professional appearance to keep your image looking sparkly clean that show you care about your environment. Carry more weight with your organization!

Affordable, accessible & affable...
storage for your valuables – to suit your work, business or recreational preferences. Keep your life moving forward. Get ‘unstuck’ on your own terms.
…your value is worth it!