Rent-To-Own an Axcess Box

Axcess box storage rent to own shipping containers


What better way to plan your investments than with ample storage and rental ownership. Enjoy the best of both worlds of cash flow with rental flexibility.

Rent to own storage containers provide an easy way to start using a storage container right away.  Benefit from secure storage with a rent to own container and secure your belongings.

Rent to own storage containers are useful for schools, construction sites, business owners will inventory, or buildings that need more secure storage options. Speak with Axcess Mobile Storage to speak about your storage container questions.

Storage containers are great for securing items like:

Axcess Box mobile storage units are made of thick steel and to move them takes an enormous amount of effort.  Usually, a crane and a flatbed truck need to be involved. This means that the steel box is very secure from theft as well as harsh weather.  Mobile office storage containers are multipurpose and versatile.  Moving the office to each location that you work can be a viable solution to businesses that move around to different project sites.


Now you can still keep your cash flowing for those unexpected expenses while going about your everyday business.

Whether transitional, home, commercial or recreational use, you will have money in the bank with our rent-to-own program with the benefit of your rent being applied to owning your container.

Your short-term investment builds for you while you build your future. You’re heading in the right direction


Check out Axcess Box’s rent to own plan, allowing you to manage your cash flow and experience owning an Axcess Box.


Axcess box storage rent to own bc shipping containers

Being able to buy your container while renting it gives your money more bang for your buck with our 100% financing OAC through our in-house credit department.

A flexible payment term (up to 48 months) allows you to put 40% of your monthly rent towards the purchase of your storage container which gives you a win-win situation for mapping out your plans.

Even if plans change, you’re still moving up to a higher level of equity and credit management.


Rent to Own Mobile Storage Containers for Businesses

Your assets retain their value in the long-term. Your values and your valuables have a safe haven of rest that result in a great return on investment. Spans a lifetime and recyclable.

From low depreciation costs, low overhead, low maintenance and high resale value, your budget will be glad you started sooner than later.

The freedom and flexibility of owning your Axcess box will open doors you may not have ever imagined.

Make room for your plans...
Keep your ideas in motion while you contain your goods.
Never say never to affordable options that can pave the way
for your very own realty space.
…and your plans will make room for you!