Outdoor storage box Vancouver popina Canteen

Why an Outdoor Storage Box in Vancouver is a Great Idea for a Restaurant

Been to Granville Island lately? Well if you have, you’ve probably noticed a unique new restaurant that’s all the buzz these days. Popina Canteen is a gourmet counter-service café that’s not only turning out tasty culinary delights, but also turning some heads at the same time.

Sure, this tourist hotspot is a foodie haven for both residents and visitors alike—but Popina Canteen is not your ordinary eatery. Believe it or not, the restaurant is entirely made up of repurposed shipping containers. Why is an outdoor storage box in Vancouver a great restaurant idea, you ask? Read on.

Outdoor storage box the Wow factor

Restaurants are a dime a dozen in the Lower Mainland. And in today’s competitive culinary world, you have to stand out if you want to stay afloat. If you are looking to up the buzz factor of your restaurant, an outdoor storage box in Vancouver is a great way to create brand awareness that will leave a lasting impression on potential patrons.



We don’t need to tell you about the outrageous commercial real estate costs in the Greater Vancouver area. If your restaurant is not successful right out of the gate, the rent alone can shut you down before your customers have had the chance to finish their dessert. With an outdoor storage box in Vancouver, you’ll never have to worry about shelling out the big bucks for traditional restaurant space.


Test out the local market

Location can make or break a restaurant. With a shipping container eatery, you never have to worry about committing to one area. If business isn’t booming in your current location, you can literally “pick up and leave” anytime you want, to a destination of your choosing. How’s that for convenience?.


The possibilities are endless

Delicious food is only part of a great dining experience. You want to give your customers something they’ll truly remember, something creative and unique that’ll generate lasting word-of-mouth marketing. Fortunately, an outdoor storage box in Vancouver is completely customizable, allowing you to build the restaurant you’ve always wanted—and a place your customers will want to dine in, again and again.


The Outdoor storage box is Eco-friendly

One of the best reasons for creating a shipping container restaurant is sustainability. Think about it. There are currently millions of shipping containers not in use. Breathing new life into an outdoor storage box in Vancouver helps to cut down on resources, as well as free up precious landfill space—and that’s good for everyone, from your customers to Mother Nature.

With so many great reasons to start up a shipping container restaurant, you’ll wonder why you haven’t jumped on this hot trend sooner.

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