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  • How much can I fit into an AXCESS BOX?

    Our containers come in various lengths as well as standard height and high cube configurations. Our smallest shipping container is a 7ft and our largest is a 40’ standard. For example, a 20’ AXCESS BOX can typically fit the contents of an average 3-bedroom home.

  • How soon can I have a storage container delivered?

    Usually within 24 hours after placing your order and meeting payment terms. We have a network of depots and will deliver from the nearest one to you.

  • Can I have my container delivered on the weekend or outside normal working hours?

    Yes, however there may be added fees for this.

  • Can I buy my rental container?

    No. However, you may only if it is specified in your original rental agreement.

  • Am I able to return my container before the end of the minimum rental period?

    Yes you can. However if you do you will be still be charged for the full rental period.

  • Do I need to insure the container?

    Yes, if you are renting the container it is your responsibility to provide proper insurance against all risks to the container.

  • Can I pick the container up myself or bring it back to your yard?

    Yes, as long as your vehicle complies with all Department of Transportation safety regulations.

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