Axcess box storage rent to own shipping containers


Owning your shipping container is a great way to expand your asset portfolio while at the same time gaining extra storage space through our Rent To Own payment program. Not only do you benefit from secure storage for your belongings but it also becomes a sellable asset when you are done.

Enjoy the best of both worlds: Container ownership without the large upfront cash outlay. Rent To Own gives you cash flow flexibility of just the rental payment, or making extra payments -quickening your full ownership.

Want to own your container but don’t have the cash on hand?  You still can with the flexibility of Rent To Own monthly payments and paying the balance in full when the time is right.

Think you may want to own your container, but not sure yet? You can change from Rental to Rent To Own within the first three months of the rental agreement.

Would like to own one but are not sure of the long-term commitment? If life’s circumstances change and you no longer want to continue Rent To Own, the contract is easily converted to a regular rental agreement.

What is the Rent To Own Program? With Rent To Own, 40% of the monthly rental charges go towards the purchase price of your container. You are also free to add extra payments, where 100% of the monthly rental goes to reducing the balance towards full ownership.

Some of the many uses of our Rent to Own Shipping Containers:

Storage containers are great for securing items like:

  • valuable inventory
  • tools
  • documents
  • bikes
  • ATV’s
  • sports equipment
  • Shipping container offices
  • Pop Up Shops


Ask about our Rental Specials

Get 1 month FREE when you rent a 20′ shipping container for 11 months!


Get TWO FREE months when you pay for 10 months in advance.




You can still keep your cash flowing for those unexpected expenses and go about your everyday business, while accumulating the asset of ownership through monthly payments.

Whether transitional, home, commercial or recreational use, you will have money in the bank with our rent-to-own program with the benefit of a percentage of your rent being applied to owning your container.

Your short-term investment builds for you while you build your future. You’re heading in the right direction


Check out Axcess Box’s rent to own plan, allowing you to manage your cash flow while also becoming an owner of an Axcess Box.


Axcess box storage rent to own bc shipping containers

Buying your container without a large immediate expenditure gives your money more bang for your buck with our 100% financing OAC through our in-house credit department.

A flexible payment term (up to 48 months) allows you to put 40% of your monthly rent towards the purchase of your storage container, which gives you a win-win situation for mapping out your financial plans.


Rent to Own Mobile Storage Containers for Businesses

Your container is an asset that retains value for the long term. Your valuables have a safe haven, and when no longer needed, a high resale value results in a great return on investment. Shipping Container Storage Boxes not only span a lifetime of uses, but are also fully recyclable.

With low depreciation, overhead, and maintenance costs, as well as a high resale value, your budget will be glad you started sooner, rather than later.

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