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Why let go of those things that are important to you when you can safely store your belongings in a small storage container parked right at your residence or property?

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Keep your home space clutter-free. Clean, neat and organized spaces open up a world of contentment you can’t live without!

If you are interested in building a container home, ‘she shed’ or office, look into one of our storage containers as your starting point. Axcess Box Mobile Storage has new and used shipping containers for sale.

Learn about rent-to-own shipping containers to that can be used as an outdoor storage box or mobile storage units. Shipping containers have a range of uses now. Whether it be for personal storage or an efficient shipping container office on your property, we have the perfect size portable storage containers for sale and ready to be delivered to you.


Residential moving axcess box storage shipping container

Just beginning a new phase of life or dreaming of your new home? Whether you are in-transition or saving up for that dream home, you can get a great deal with Axcess shipping containers to hold you over until you are ready to settle in. You can even save money waiting for the best real estate market deal. For a quick turnaround when you need in and out fast, we can be there! Moving solutions that can work for you:
• rental, temporary or permanent storage
• vacation or travelling storage
• job transfers, upsizing or downsizing


garden residential axcess box storage shipping container

How many times have you had to run out in the pouring rain to cover the patio furniture, or in a windstorm to retrieve your chair from the neighbour’s yard? Are you concerned about the security of your ride-on lawnmower, Motor Cycle, or expensive bikes? Dry, rodent, and element-free Axcess Box Containers get all your precious items in from the outdoors with ease, simplicity, and security so you can spend less time worrying. Great storage

• shop tools & equipment
• lawnmowers, snowblowers & machinery
• gardening materials
• patio furniture & BBQ’s


home renovation axcess box storage shipping container

What happens when you just saw a great motorbike on sale or the landlord ups your rent on your locker? Try a small shipping container and see if it fits your life. You may even have a great spot to plant it beside the garage, parkade, or end of the driveway. Cheaper than buying a larger house and far less maintenance. Enjoy all your seasonal toys like skis, kayaks, and camping gear at your fingertips! More great ideas:
• portable mini-gym
• bikes, kayaks & sports equipment
• motorbike, tires, tools & hobby storage
• travel storage


education students residential axcess box storage shipping container

What happens when they leave the nest? Off to college or stay-at-home schooling, the kids will always make their way back… and they may bring more back with them. Make room for their visits, or open up a spare bedroom. Temporary or permanent storage is always close-by when you need it. Hey, you can even rent out their room for some extra cash and company if you like. Great for:
• college students
• furniture storage
• portable for growing kids


wedding reception axcess box storage shipping container

Expansion and growth are inevitable. Make room for that wonderful addition with extra storage space out back. Free up and organize what is most important, so you don’t miss out on the treasures of life. Growing kids need a place of their own too, why not try a playhouse? Use your imagination and get out the paint and start planning.  Great uses:
• toys, games and playhouse
• cribs and kids furniture
• nostalgia and collectibles


Residential family estates axcess box storage shipping container

It’s sad when life hits you hard and you are caught in the middle unprepared to handle the strain. We can help take a load off your shoulders, with temporary or permanent solutions for your storage needs, no pressure at all. When you are ready to move on we can help too – for portability and transferability. Don’t let the pile-up pull you under. Let us know what your needs are and we can help you find the best answer.
• death & loss of loved ones
• separations & divorces
• house loss, in-laws, long-term family stays


home renovation axcess box storage shipping container

You can have fun planning your renovation without the stress of chaotic disorganization. Pack the items away that you don’t need daily to help you get on with your renovation and upgrading your space. Lower your reno costs with an on-site storage bin to keep the workflow efficient and handy. Storage, recycling, and disposal of unneeded materials can stay out of the way and dry until you are ready for the next phase. Great storage solutions for:
• do-it-yourselfers and home projects
• contractor supplies, materials & tools
• furniture and cleaning services


summer garden residential axcess box storage shipping container

Special occasions, sports events, and fundraisers all host a network of belongings that need housing somewhere. Props, displays, patio sets, furniture, and chairs have quick in and out access when you’re hosting, staging, or setting up on the go. -Portable, quick and weatherproof. Stay dry, even when you’re event gets rained out. Don’t forget you can get various configurations added for your needs. More uses:
• sporting events, relays
• catering & food cantina
• fundraisers & charities


firefighting emergenxy axcess box storage shipping container

Be smart, – don’t get caught helpless. Earthquakes, natural disasters, fires or power outages all need preparedness. Spare supplies, equipment or machinery can save your life. Get an all-weather, fireproof Axcess Box for basic survival or store your valuables safely. Vault for your valuables:
• earthquake & fireproof shelter
• snowblowers, generators & machinery
• emergency water, sandbags, food & supplies