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Storage Containers for Sale Vancouver: Increasing Security

When it comes to secure storage options, nothing compares to shipping containers. After all, they’re specifically built to shrug off anything Mother Nature can whip up, right? That is a big reason why people across the globe are using these mighty metal boxes to store their belongings, vintage vehicles, and commercial equipment.

But as safe and secure as storage containers for sale in Vancouver are, you can never be too safe. Let’s take a closer look at ways you can increase shipping container security.

Why it’s important to plan for added security

Nothing or no one is getting into a traditional shipping container. But if you are planning some modifications for a project, you will also need to plan for added security.
Installing doors or windows, for example, will compromise the overall safety of the unit. So, just like any residential or commercial building, securing the container structure is a must.

Keep things secure with a lock box

There’s a reason you are using a shipping container to store your stuff—it’s tough. But a shipping container is only as safe as the locking mechanism you use. A poorly locked container is an open invitation to thieves and vandals just looking for their next opportunity.

One of the best ways to keep the riffraff out is with a lock box. So, when you are looking for storage containers for sale in Vancouver, make sure to ask about this locking feature. Reliable container providers offer storage units already fitted with vandal-resistant lock boxes for that extra touch of security—and peace of mind.

Install keypad entry

Deadbolt locks work well enough. But for an added level of security, add a keypad device to your doors. This is a great safety feature for shipping container offices, personnel entry, or anytime you want to limit access to your structure. For the ultimate in inclusivity, coded entry is the smart way to go.

Level up security with a latch guard

Latch guards are remarkably effective at helping to fend off forcible entry. Protecting the gap between the door and the frame, adding a latch guard makes it difficult for would-be criminals to use a lock pick, blunt object, pry bar, or drill to get into your shipping container. Don’t leave your precious belongings vulnerable to vandals. Lock them out with a latch guard.

Bust out the burglar bars

Windows are main entry points for thieves looking to get their hands on your property. Don’t make it easy for them. Adding burglar bars to the frame of your storage container will help safeguard your stuff. They will keep crime out while letting sunshine in.

Going with storage containers for sale in Vancouver is the smart choice to keep your items safe and sound. But adding that extra layer of protection will go a long way to taking security to the next level.

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