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What to Avoid When You Buy a Storage Bin in Vancouver

Shipping containers are everywhere these days. Heck, people all over the Lower Mainland are getting on board, using them for a ton of awesome reasons, from swimming pools and office spaces to cafés and homes. Containers come in a wide range of sizes and conditions, so it’s always a good idea to know what to look for before you plop your money down. To help you pick the right shipping container, here are a few pointers on what to avoid when you are ready to buy a mobile storage bin in Vancouver.

Look out for rust

Rust can be a shipping container’s worst enemy. It will not only compromise the structural integrity but also leave your mobile storage bin looking grungy—something you and your neighbours aren’t going to appreciate. Taking the time to give your storage container a good rust inspection before you buy it will save you a huge headache and eyesore down the road.


Check for holes

Holes will wreak havoc on a container, letting in cold, heat, humidity and water. And that is not the half of it. Holes can also be an open invitation to a critter problem. Even an opening the size of a dime is big enough for rodents to squeeze through, destroying your items, not to mention putting you and your family’s health at risk. If you want to avoid a container catastrophe, make sure your mobile storage bin in Vancouver is hole-free.


Inspect the texture of the paint

Even if you don’t find holes, there still might be the chance of corrosion to crop up. Don’t be fooled by a slick paint job. Rust spots that have been touched up are just holes waiting to happen. Make sure to carefully inspect the texture of the paint. The last thing you want is to bring home a lemon.


Examine doors

Top security begins with solid doors. Whether you are storing garden equipment, important documents, or a vintage car, you’ll want to keep them safe and secure. Protect your investment by giving the doors a thorough going-over. Don’t forget to examine the hinges and locks to make sure they work properly.


Review flooring issues

While shipping containers are constructed out of tough Corten steel, some have wooden floors screwed into the interior. If the mobile bin you’re thinking about purchasing has wooden flooring, look for possible issues, including holes, broken pieces, and rot.

Shipping containers offer up a host of storage, commercial, residential, and recreational possibilities—just make sure you take the time to pick the best one.

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